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Not Your Average PPC Advertising Agency


We are a group of creatives who are inspired by why and driven by data.



As a full service digital marketing agency that aims to deliver remarkable experiences to our clients, we connect data to decisions and stack up gains to yield exponential results. Experience Mad Mind Studios.

Why We Love PPC



Pay-Per-Click Management That Works



There are many benefits to Pay Per Click Advertising, and a great way to stand out from competitors. There is limited amount of space for the top positions in organic search results, and despite your best efforts you may never get there with all the competition. If you’re a new business just starting to build your online presence, Pay Per Click Advertising can get you in front of highly targeted customers in a matter of seconds.


With Pay Per Click Advertising, users will be able to identify that you have paid to be on the first page of Google. However, this will not reflect negatively on your brands reputation. Just like with organic rankings, search engines have set requirements specifically for paid rankings, to ensure that ads are trustworthy enough to be put up.

With Pay Per Click Advertising, ad rankings are not necessarily just determined on how high you bid. Google also looks at your quality score, which is based on how relevant the keyword is to your ad and to what a user is searching for.

People who typically see your Pay Per Click Advertisements are those who are specifically searching for your product or services. Since paid search ads target specific results, you can be sure that anyone who clicks on your ad is not randomly clicking on it, but highly interested in buying your product or services.


If you are interested in speaking to someone regarding Pay Per Click Advertising, please call us today by phone at 314-296-7979 or by email at to speak to one of our marketing specialists to get further information.

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